"From seed to sale, and everything in between"

Seed to Sale Program

Owners and advisors here at 39 HEMP have been consulting farms from Seed to Sale for years. We decided to unlock that knowledge and help farmers all over the country. We have developed a customizable solution for any farm.

Flower Processing to Sale

We all know that the all mighty flower can take a farm's ROI from 2x to 10x if it's done right. After seeing so many farmers throw away millions of dollars we decided it was time to put together a solution focused around quality and reliability.

39 HEMP Technology

39 HEMP is developing a tracking system and commerce platform for Hemp seed genetics. This platform is going to serve multiple purposes for all customer types of the Hemp Supply Chain. As this platform matures, 39 HEMP will retire the Hemp Marketplace that is currently in place.

There are three primary user types that can use the platform

1. Consumers - Purchasing end products from the retail storefront.

2. Producers - Tracking genetics through their facilities and selling them wholesale. In some cases producers may be vertically integrated and sell retail as well.

3. Brands and Retailers - Create storefronts to sell their products direct to the consumer retail market.

Producers will have the ability to share three (3) types of content. Activities, Transformations and Chain of Custody. All content entries are geolocated through the 39Hemp app, and data encrypted via blockchain.

Activities - Things the producers are doing with the product. Examples are planting starts, watering their farm, soil samples, propagation, or extraction, distillation, or THC remediation at a processing lab.

Transformations - Takes place as the product changes stages. For example, seed to start or a plant getting harvested and split into flower and biomass products.

Chain of Custody - As the asset changes ownership this will be recorded on the supply chain per the inventory of that genetic. Again, geolocated within the 39Hemp application through each custody change.

As producers log data with pictures and videos the media will be date, time and geolocation stamped to provide verification of the data. This media combined with all other forms of data logged onto the platform will be secured using blockchain technology. This will ensure the integrity of the network and prevent tampering of data.

All users on the platform will have full visibility into the product's lifecycle back to the genetic story. This gives both consumers and regulators comfort in all ingredients and products derived from the 39 HEMP platform.